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Logo and Icon Identity Development

Logo Development - Ariens Corporation, Brillion Wisconsin

An impactful logo or icon is one of the crucial touchpoints of your business from a brand standpoint. It must be instantly recognizable and convey at-a-glance, the nature of your business.

Corporate Identity Logo - Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac Wisconsin
This logo was created for Mercury Marine’s use on several point-of-sale brochures promoting sixty-five years of innovation. It was rendered in Adobe Photoshop.
Corporate Identity Logo - Ariens Corporation, Brillion Wisconsin
This logo was initially produced through an agency. Ariens Corporation wanted an updated, refined look to match their current marketing efforts, positioning them as an industry leader. Starting with their traditional orange and white flat art logo, this piece was rendered using a 3D software package. Ariens later requested a color change to match their trademark orange color.
Corporate Identity Logo - BOSS Snowplows, Iron Mountain Michigan
This logo was created for use on the website, as an identity piece for their national service center. The graphic was created using Adobe Photoshop.
Niche Identity Logo - Bedlam Soundworks, Chicago
This logo was designed as an identity piece for a cutting-edge industrial DJ service based in Chicago. Artifact carefully reviewed the target audience and created this visually-arresting icon. Exposure was provided through posters, club t-shirts and web banners.
Logo Development - Artifact Digital Media, LLC
This logo was produced in-house for Artifact Digital Media’s identity.

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